On the stage Sabongui is known for the Canadian premiere of Ayad Akhtar’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Disgraced (2015), as Assistant Director and actor in the original play Welcome Back to Harlem: A Hellfighter’s Story (2014), and for originating the role of Foster Bryant in the World Premiere production of Inside the Seed (2013).


Shown at Arts Club Theatre Company, Vancouver, Canada September 17-October 15, 2015 Synopsis: Experience the resounding impact of this Pulitzer Prize–winning play and Canadian premiere. Amir Kapoor (Patrick Sabongui) is a rising star in his law firm, set to make partner, who lives comfortably with his artist wife, Emily. He’s a Pakistani-American, born Muslim, who has since effectively shed his roots and religion. One evening, the couple host a dinner for Amir’s African-American co-worker and her Jewish art curator husband. Conversations around faith and politics lead to a startling conclusion that burns with tension and release. Contains mature themes and graphic language. Running time: Approx. 1 hour 20 minutes (no intermission)

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A shattering cultural collision. "Bristles with wit and intelligence" -The New York Times Tickets start at $29. Experience the impact and emotion of DISGRACED - a play about the stories we tell our friends, the secrets we tell our lovers, and the lies we tell ourselves in pursuit of a dream.

Welcome Back To Harlem: A Hellfighter's Story - Kickstarter Video

Rooted Theatre's Kickstarter video for our "Welcome Back To Harlem: A Hellfighter's Story" original play. DONATE HERE:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hellfighter/welcome-back-to-harlem-a-hellfighters-story All music used is in the public domain. No copyright infringement intended.

Welcome Back to Harlem: A Hellfighter’s Story

Shown at Rooted Productions, Vancouver, Canada June 14, 2014 Assistant Director and actor Synopsis:  A Harlem Hellfighter (an African American WWI soldier) struggles to re-integrate into his Harlem community after heroically fighting for his country. Set against the backdrop of the dynamic Harlem Renaissance. The world premiere of Rooted Theatre Productions’ ORIGINAL play “Welcome Back To Harlem: A Hellfighter’s Story”, written by Tito Kamel.

Inside the Seed

Shown at Up in the Air Theatre, Vancouver, Canada October 2-12, 2013 Synopsis:  Foster Bryant is a brilliant scientist who has made a startling discovery, which he imagines is destined to save a world teetering on the inevitable catastrophic consequences of extreme overpopulation. He has genetically modified a new strain of rice to ease the suffering of starving and malnourished people across the globe. In the process, his humble corporation has blossomed into the world’s single-largest agribusiness conglomerate. Now, Foster will ship his grain to Africa – free of charge – to save his fellow global citizens. And there is another lifelong dream on the way to being fulfilled: he is about to become a father.  But evidence is starting to arise implicating the grain in a serious genetic birth defect. With the clock ticking on his enormous shipment, with three recalcitrant African nations as of yet unwilling to allow his rice across their borders, with a powerful Senate aide insisting that Foster inherited toxic Army contracts that he must honour through his last hostile takeover, and with potential disaster looming on the most intimate possible front – his unborn child – Foster plunges down the rabbit-hole in a desperate bid to uncover the truth that lies inside the seed…

Inside the Seed Teaser Trailer

The World Premiere of Jason Patrick Rothery's Inside the Seed runs Oct 2-12 at The Cultch.