Under the banner of his production company Life Force Films Patrick has written, produced, and directed a number of short films including: Ariel Unraveling (2015), Shakey’s Coffee (2012), and Chained (2012).

Ariel Unraveling

ariel_unraveling_posterAriel Unraveling (2015).  An eight minute short film shot in British Columbia about a 16 year old girl (Ariel) who grew up banished to the basement with only one fairy tale movie as her basis for reality. Patrick served as executive producer on the film, which showed at the Victoria Film Festival (Victoria, BC; 2016) At the festival Brendan Taylor was nominated for Best Production Design in a Short Drama for his work on the movie poster.

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Shakey’s Coffee

shakeys_coffee_posterShakey’s Coffee (2012) is about the very real influence Shakespeare’s literature can have on any one of us. A young man finds his courage, a cancer patient finds inspiration, a young soldier finds brotherhood and a veteran finds purpose through King Henry’s ‘Band of Brothers’ speech in William Shakespeare’s ‘King Henry V’.

Patrick wrote and directed the film, which was shown at We Like ’em Short Film Festival (Baker City, OR; 2013), Tumbleweed Film Festival (Oroville, WA; 2013), the International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts (Los Angeles, 2013), and the Life Fest Film Festival (Sacramento, 2014), where it won The Founders Award for Excellence, given to films that achieve a high level of excellence both in their presentation of the theme of Life Fest, but also in their production value.

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chained_posterChained (2012) is a 10 minute short film that shows how the great war-king Agamemnon is guided through life by his guardian goddess, Athena. The Gods have ordered him into battle to retrieve is sister-in-law, Helen from Troy. However, before setting sail for the war that is destined to change his world, he must appease the goddess Artemis who has confiscated the winds and demanded the sacrifice of Agamemnon’s favorite daughter, Iphigenia. In a last ditch effort to rescue her, he calls upon, Athena, the goddess he is “chained” to, and entreats her to help save Iphigenia from her death sentence.  Set in a post-apocalyptic world, ‘Chained’ reflects how the bond between father and daughter and the relationship between mankind and their creators is timeless. Patrick produced and directed the film, which was written by Kyra Zagorsky. Official Twitter page