The Actor’s Center for Transformation (ACT) is an acting school located in Vancouver, Canada. Founded and led by Sabongui, the center includes a team of highly trained, experienced instructors with years of professional acting and teaching experience. It is a place where actors can let down their guard and give in to the magical transformative power of acting.

Classes are captured on video and each student is provided with DVD copies of in-class work.  ACT’s mission is to provide a safe, positive, nurturing environment for students to explore, learn and gain exposure to the art of acting. Through imagination games, on-camera & audition techniques, acting exercises, voice, speech & movement work and professional acting preparation students will develop skills necessary to express their creative voice and to cultivate the tools necessary to work in a creative industry.

ACT seeks to:

  1. empower young students to use the lessons of acting to improve their confidence, communication skills, competence and self-expressiveness in daily life and,
  2. train actors and aspiring actors to realize their performance potential and to strengthen their acting work for a sustainable career as a professional actor in Theatre, Film and Television.


ACT Vancouver

Official Site:

Actors Playground (6-8 yrs)
Discovery Programs (9-12)
Actor’s Bridge (13-17)
Focus Program (18+)
Private Coaching